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shaving golf driver heads

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This reduction in club head weight allows the club to remain light and easy to swing while significantly increasing club head speed by as much as 10% resulting in considerably longer drives. How can something be fun if you are cheating how could you be proud of your score if you cheated. If a faster swinger would swing his club he would probably crack the face. The finished thickness will be measured at those same 5 points to ensure the desired specs have been obtained. Play by whatever rules you want to in your foursome and leave everyone else alone. Grooves. Golf to me has always been a sport where all levels of players play the game with honesty and integrity, this article promotes neither. Showing slide {CURRENT_SLIDE} of {TOTAL_SLIDES} - Shop by Brand. Exactly DB, good comments. FWIW at that proposed club head speed a driver face that has been shaved will fail relatively quick. If you have anything you would like to trade let me know, I will also sell for the advertised price, thanks. Why does it matter to you if the next group over has players with shaved faces on their drivers? I’m not sure how they can guarantee gaining 10 yards. But I’ve went through 3 M1’s in the last year. I contacted one company about a year ago, not sure it it's the same company or not, but they did offer to shave a driver for me to do a test. Play the game as it’s intended or take up another sport. I challenge every person who uses a shaved club to formally announce it to your friends before teeing off, see how that goes over. Yes, I could spend $130 CDN to shave my driver face for the sake of 10 yards, OR I could go online, spend HALF that much, and find a shaft pull of a Fujikura Speeder 565 Evo. We will reshave a club at no cost and cover the return shipping if you are not satiisfied with it's performance. Can you update this with information about club speed and smash factor? Prior … NEW Shaft Extension + Winn Grip. and enjoy longer drives immediately!! I seriously doubt the one guy dents driver because he swings so hard….probably just from slamming the driver back into his bag after being outdriven by a high COR driver. We do offer to regroove the club for an additional $25 if desired. I LOST 10 YARDS. If your playing for money or going by the ‘rules’ then of course keep it legit. Ping. Titleist. I sent my Callaway XR driver to this company a 2 years ago. None of us kill the ball off the tee. Just wondering what effect shaving the face has on the bulge and roll ? My advice to you is GET IT DONE !. This can be either caused by inconsistencies in the club's original manufacturing process or because of the players type of swing. WOW WOW DID YOU KNOW: If only 1% of MyGolfSpy readers donated $25, we would be able to become completely independent in 12-months. We can normally blend any polished metal face driver very close to its original stock finish. Most manufacturers max out the size of every driver in their line up, but is that helping the average player? Callaway. Not everyone who plays golf is interested in competing at a high level, or conforming to the world’s most confusing rulebook, or suffering away for 6 hours from 7,000 yards to play a game they love. Would have been better if you broke down the results according to swing speed groupings. Get the best deals on TaylorMade M4 Driver Golf Clubs when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands ... Taylormade m4 driver head only. Hey Don, did you ever hear from this "driver shaving" company? The guys over at WHD have this thing down to a science. an article about golf eq. Without a doubt the greatest comment ever publish on this site, Benny. I can tell you this, every person in our club knows who the cheaters are, whether it’s noodling their ball when playing a match or marking the ball on the green a couple inches closer – and there is no respect for those individuals. The shaved Jetspeed was milled to COR of .880, WHD’s recommendation for swing speeds between 100-110 mph. These differences will cause some players to pick up significant distance when having a driver shaved while others won't pick up much at all. Every equipment manufacturer is going to tell you their product will let you hit the ball higher, farther and straighter than you ever have. Highly unlikely. I would say go for it. This is why you will see two players with identical swing speeds whose distance off the tee varies greatly. If this process is going so well why aren’t any of the cnc milling machines running? This technique reduces the risk of cracks and makes the face thinner and wider promoting faster ball speed and more distance. The relationship between COR and Swing Speed is not linear I have gathered. You putt out everything? Currently retailing new for $390, I will swap it in to replace an old Grafalloy Launch Apex shaft, and likely pick up 20 yards, maybe more? we know when someone is using the illegal stuff and it feels great to still be able to push it on by. NO I didn't hear back from them the last time I tried to work with them on doing one of my old drivers for a test and review. A brilliant plan to keep old guys on the golf course longer. Although I like the idea. At first I thought it was a new driver as there's a Ping driver on the resulting page. I read the article and appreciate it for what it is. Do your thing and let others do theirs. The article states that you saw increases in clubhead speed. Drivers from the tour vans back then wouldn't last a couple months before caving in because of it. Gross mishits were eliminated and are not included in the shot counts. approx turn around time? Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. We have very few problems with durabilty when our suggested COR shaving levels (based on a player's swing speed) are adhered to. Best golf drivers for distance and accuracy in 2020. Be sure to use a soft core golf ball around 80 compression . During the shaving process the grooves on the driver will be removed as you can see in the the picture below. Those bats were. Never mind, I think they already have a whole special course for that, with go-karts and batting cages for when you get done. Many golfers believe they can add yards to their drive by making their driver golf club longer and lighter. Drivers in particular tend to break much earlier than other sticks as they’re made from titanium. At first I thought the face was going to cave in. The game is what it is, and the equipment is limited by a governing body, for better or for worse. Golf clubs are becoming better every year with leading technology and we have them all from leading brands such as Ping Golf, TaylorMade Golf, Callaway Golf, Nike Golf and more. Both are illegal (per the RoG) and unethical, one is just way cheaper. Would you be willing to help by giving a donation? This new club takes advantage of weight placement that optimizes the center of gravity, increases Moment of Inertia (MOI) and produces long, penetrating ball flights with the desired shot shape. So raising ones COR is cheating, but fudging one’s handicap is call sand-bagging? This makes the game fun. All lines will be black after regrooving. It took 3 rounds to get it dialed in but man what a difference. I have only use high COR drivers and have a couple of shaved drivers. No doubt i worried about that as well so I opted for the thinnest shave as to not take too much off but good point. Share on LinkedIn. Filter (1) Golf Club Driver Heads. Cobra. i am 59 and when healthy can absoultly murder the ball, with a 07 cleveland hi bore tour spec and an aj tech shaft. I’ve contacted them but didn’t have it done. I have ambivalent feelings, on one hand I ‘m unhappy about losing the use of one of my favorite drivers, on the other I wish W.H.D. It is much more than just club head speed. A smaller driver head, by contrast, might be a better choice for a skilled player looking for greater precision. Sad state we live in. That was not the intent. Shaving the face of a driver produces ball speeds on average of 4 mph faster than a stock head. Couple this with non-conforming golf balls (MG Senior) and I could be playing well into my 80’s. Other types of illegal golf drivers include, oversized golf drivers (460cc or larger), anti-slice and extra long (over 48 inches in length) golf drivers. In the world of golf, hot melt has been used for years to add weight to driver heads, manipulate center of gravity (CG) for trajectory biases, to mute sound and improve feel. instead of the latest and greatest, buy some balls and work on technique, get your xtra yds that way. The two with the comments talking about its not fair to play the ladies tees. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. $9.60 shipping. That’s a pretty good reason not to use them – if you are playing in a club event or other tournament that uses the rules of golf or maintaining a USGA handicap you can’t use them – as the author mentioned several times in his article. But it is true that without perfect golf equipment you can't be able to show your real gameplay style on the field. I thought about doing this to one of my drivers. I wish I could s my own d like that but it’s just so long and huge that I can’t reach it. I love the idea of a shaved face, not gonna do it but like it. While not readily apparent in the data, we found club head speed increased with the shaved face. They believe that adding weight to clubs can affect a golf shot’s path or its trajectory, but equipment experts will tell you the results are psychological. Has anyone got experience with this? Smash factor takes into account the amount of force generated by the clubhead right at the moment of impact. Still, I get sound complaints from other golfers as my ball as it accelerates past the sound barrier. This game is for people of all age group. I could not believe the results when I had my driver done 4 months ago. Expensive, off the rack golf drivers pretty much all hit the same and work fine for younger golfers with high swing speeds. I've heard before about gamblers putting Vaseline on their drivers to increase the distance by reducing the spin. To slow my swing speed down to mortal levels, I’ve been forging solid granite driver heads in my personal underground dungeon. You won’t be sorry. We do guarantee not to damage or break your club while we are working on it, but cannot guarantee the durability of it afterwords. It helps support this site and other golfers around the world. $152.50. will the club be weaker with the groves on the head after there shaved? Why not just drive your cart out to where your ideal tee shot would land, drop a ball and hit your approach shot from there? #ConsumerFirst. I feel like I ruined a great driver actually. 6 bids. When I received it back and went to play the first time, I was approximately 15 yards longer. This game is hard enough for many who play. The only problem I had with the driver was I noticed a wrinkling effect toward the toe. This will allow for more energy transfer to your golf ball which will result in longer drivers!!! Make a donation to support our independent and expert golf equipment research. Company I worked for was trying it in the 90’s. Have you ever heard of anyone shaving the face of their driver? I recently sent my Taylormade driver to W.H.D. That 10 yard increase becomes a huge loss when the ball starts bending. Big irons are easier to hit and more forgiving.Is the same true of drivers? However in a set of golf clubs, the driver and the set of woods are clubs that are more likely to break sooner. Play the T-box that you can play at least a mid iron to the green for your next shot on a par 4. *wink wink* So the tee boxes you play from shouldn’t matter. $15.00 $19.95. We do offer to regroove the club for an additional $25 if desired. I think people are missing the point. Conventional driver heads have a tig welding line behind the face, our innovative cup face design allows for welding on the body shell. I had my Srixon 565 done. There are some players who just don't generate much of what's called a smash factor when striking the ball. Make it more fun by using the forward tee’s. Any where from 15 to 40 yards further then before it was milled. The club face will then be polished to match its original finish. You can tongue in cheek this article all you want, it’s still wrong. Would have never thought of that. Stand up for doing the right thing even if it means you come in second, or third or dead last. How big of a change would it make to CG and ball flight if the 20 grams shaved from the face were positioned elsewhere in the club? But No. $60.00 $99.00. Ok, saw one of the ads running on the GGR website and it claimed "add 20-40 yards to your drives". Swing slower. We suggest .880 COR for most golfers as that will give the best blend of performance and durability. Next round we are going to discuss foot wedges, and if we have time, betting during a round (I hear that’s a lot of fun!). A young golf assistant pro showed me that you can shave the face in the sweetspot to make it thinner and have a higher COR. You play everything down? I am back to my old self with a lot more confidence hitting my T ball. I wanted to try it and I’m glad I did but, I would not send a driver back to them. It doesn’t affect your game in the slightest. You'll void the warranty, and risk destroying your driver. MyGolfSpy, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Higher ball speeds equal longer distances; the shaved Jetspeed traveled a full 10 … I am 74 years old and play to a 13 handicap. During the shaving process the grooves on the driver will be removed as you can see in the the picture below. Six golfers with handicaps ranging from 0-15 and driver swing speeds between 75 and 125 mph participated in this test. It makes sense, doesn’t it: a longer swing means more room to pick up velocity, and a lighter driver golf club means less work in the backswing. A driver would be a completely different animal in that it changes the swing weight, weight distribution, etc and should make them harder to hit straight. Humblebrag. 90% of golfers will gain additional yardage by having their dirver shaved. How did your rant against shaved drivers and the “sad” world we live in morph into you talking about how awesomely fast you swing your driver and how you can’t stop cracking faces? Hypocrites that should be the name for golfers, instead of golfers. If you are younger and not hitting it like you want put that money into lessons. Clearly not legal and will totally void any warranty on the driver, but what is 'Driver Shaving' you (and I) may ask? The head is ultralight at 175 grams compared to most driver heads that weigh 200 grams. The more people you usher away from the game, the more the opportunities to play golf will be reduced. Share on Facebook. And while I don’t agree with non conforming golf clubs, at least they aren’t a danger to people. Shaved and rolled bats were becoming more frequent. Well not for me. See All - Shop by Brand. Additionally the cupped face is micro milled. But that leaves out virtually every senior player and average golfer whose driver swing speed is somewhere between 65 and 99 mph. Does it make em hit it straighter? If you want to try a non conforming head Golfworks.com has the “Defiant” Non Conforming head for about $90-. We do offer to regroove the club for an additional $25 if … Is there anything special about that number? VJ used to do his drivers and have them shave it in the impact zone of the face with the grain running from sole to crown. I wonder what Walter Sobchak would think of this….. …his buddies didn’t die face down in the muck so some little strumpet could- oh nevermind. Interesting results to say the least. Many of us want to compete within the rules now and again and so this is not for us. I honestly don’t know why most amateurs don’t use high COR drivers, especially as we age, they help regain much of the lost distance and are a ball to hit. Would contemplate employing one for the next company scramble where the winning score is usually 54 or 55 by guys bagging 22 clubs? That is the trade off, but it is well worth the added performance to most golfers. Therefore, the slower you swing, the thinner you can go. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em! I wouldn’t be promoting them just yet. Weight is also something to keep in mind: the lighter the driver head, the greater the speed and distance of ball flight. However, the life of the bat was decreased by at least half if not more. You can buy golf clubs from us used by the best of the best like the TaylorMade M6 Driver … Hell yes! Forward by Email. Black coated surfaces, clubs with etched finishes or logos, and composite faced drivers may obviously change in appearance. There’s your 10 yards off the tee. I love the game of golf, it’s the best game there is, and because of that love, I selfishly want as many people playing the game as possible so that it remains possible for me to play myself. I would just feel like a cheater mostly because I’m cheating myself. Each driver's face thickness will be measured at 5 different points before being placed on the CNC machine. A PayPal account is not required in order to donate. Because they are non-conforming. The lines that are on the face when you buy the driver are removed in the milling process. I already know the answer, and it’s every day. The PGA police won’t put ya in jail if you play from a red tee every once and a while. It would also allow for Smash Factor to see how solidness of contact would be assuming they are all relatively similar. I have seen no further problems and still am hitting my drives longer. Print. NEW Painting Driver Face BLACK. Cheaply made gimmick clubs advertised on golf channels sound good but just end up under performing with less distance. We can take any golf driver and make it hit 20-40 yards further. www.WorldsLongestDrivers.com Our process can shave your club's face so that you can add distance to your drives, with your driver, with your swing. They can ever put it together for you for $10- If you don’t like it you can sell it on Ebay. But re-reading my original comment does appear to be boastful. The most common type of illegal golf drivers offer a high COR. besides i see fat too many mulligans and gimmies every time i play…. Send Your Driver in TODAY to start adding yards to … $40.00. And for those of you espousing moving up to the front tees for more distance, why stop there? You would probably gain some accuracy also. This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Share on Twitter. I mean, is the GX-7 X-Metal not the BEST driver (or whatever it actually is) you’ve ever hit? I started using a Krank long drive head with a cut down shaft as it doesn’t break. By the end of the round it was decided that instead of spending the money to shave the face of my driver I could just pick up my ball after a tee shot and move it 10 yards further up the fairway (or rough, or trees, or lake, or wherever it ended up). It isn’t a cheap process …….but?? www.WorldsLongestDrivers.com Your place for longer drives and the best training aids in golf!!!!! well, capitalism is great , and I am always happy to see a success story. I’m currently using a Japanese Orlimar high COR driver that goes as far as my shaved face driver and I also have Roketto that is manufactured at .880 that is adjustable and a bomber. No, because I like to at least attempt to abide by the “rules” of golf. The other clubs in your set will be made from stainless steel instead. Very interesting video. I had WHD shave a Cobra driver for me recently and it is un-hittable. The Epic I am trying solely to see if the “jailbreak” bars will hold the crown in place. From Head to Head tests to Most Wanted, Sam has you covered. Excellent question Scott. Titleist 915D4 Driver Head in great condition, would like to swap for another driver head that’s a bit more forgiving. I'll contact them again and see if their offer is still on the table or not. A COR value above 0.83 (legal max) will offer more distance for most golfers that use it. The shaved face driver produced higher ball speeds, lower spin, and appreciable longer drives than the conforming version. I have seen this service done on Ebay a few years ago.. Best Golf Drivers: Driver Golf Club Heads for sale - Monark Golf Golf is getting so much popular that everyone is now started playing this game. School bus driver shaving her head for local homeless. The max Coefficient of Restitution (COR) for a driver under USGA regulations is .830, World’s Hottest Drivers can CNC-mill the face of the driver to increase the COR to .930. In the early days of golf drivers were manufacturers from wood and later steel was used. Cost appears to be about $120 + a small surcharge if you want them to regrove the driver after shaving. Not that I have miss hits etc.. Also my swing speed is around 90 to 93 —— will this really give me better results..? .890 COR may be acceptable for those with a swing speed under 100 and .900 COR should be reserved for those players with swing speeds under 90. Using illegal equipment or moving to the ladies tees, or any one of a thousand other bad ideas folks come up with to make the game “more enjoyable” is what is really hurting golf. I played in that era as well. Okay, I just checked out the site and it IS in fact the same company that offered to shave a driver for me to do a test and review. See the fur on his arms is green? So curious, I clicked on it. But, they’ll paint them back on for you at an additional charge. I was trying to imply a different perspective, that the faces seem to already be too thin. To really gain meaningful distance off the tee, sometimes it takes a little something extra. For various reasons 10% won't see major improvement. It’s actually annoying. Golf is supposed to be fun. That cost nothing. it's an advertisement about 'driver shaving'. One day you’re going to be nostalgic for the good ol’ days when you could push out there to a reasonable distance away from the tee and want something to help your game and to help you enjoy it more. All of the work is performed on the outside of the club. How about how to spot one in play? I went back to my Bombtech 2. SALE 5-Online Swing Reviews. What are the chances of them raising the limit? Nike reverisble golf belt - with ball marker. Numerous golfers, from pros to recreational hackers, have added weight to their drivers or other clubs for years. Two TaylorMade Jetspeed drivers were tested (one with a shaved face/the other stock). For the longest possible distance gains the club head can be reduced in weight by as much as 20 grams less than standard driver heads to accommodate longer club lengths such as 47” to 48”. The game of golf. Since grooves are only there for aesthetic reasons some players will opt to just leave the club groove less after shaving. Smaller irons are for better players. I hear bowling is a lot of fun, beer is involved, and you still get to wear ridiculous clothes without raising an eyebrow…. I have pictures of their work to show if your interested? Fair enough. Any driver that appears on these lists is conforming, and, therefore, "legal" to use under the Rules of Golfer. And by extra, I mean something completely outside the USGA’s rules and regulations. Grooves. Have it done. I feel proud when I hit a great drive because I worked hard at it. This may be attributable to a weight difference of nearly 20-grams. What is the best material? I can’t afford to have a row of gamer drivers ready to go. I asked them the same question a couple years ago. The modern form of golf is believed to have been developed around the 15 th century in Scotland. TaylorMade. We are the inventors of a process known as golf driver shaving which reduces the face thickness on golf drivers to create more trampoline effect and distance. $40.00. If you would like I would be willing to contact this company and see if they would be willing to SHAVE one of my older drivers so I can test the results. Copyright 2020. The fall of society is signaled by the practice of illegal drivers. Sam is the Director of the MyGolfSpy Lab X Testing Facility in Yorktown, VA. Geez have fun and stop spending money on gimmicks. Known for her vibrant red hair, she plans to shave her head live on Facebook once her goal of $1000 is reached. Shaving clubs fall into that exact category. When you shop online consider using our special link. You will be able to select your desired shaving level when you order our service. By pushing the face spring effect limit over the USGA regulations, this driver will give golfers up to 10-30 yards (depending on your clubhead speed, the faster you swing the more spring will apply) of extra distance. I will assume that those calling this cheating never use the slope function on their range finder and turn in that score for their handicap. During the shaving process the grooves on the driver will be removed as you can see in the the picture below. It’s not as long, and certainly not as forgiving, as the M1 or Epic, which I also have put in play. Interesting article. The 500cc size also provides for forgiveness on mis-hits so not only will this driver be longer, it will also be straighter.

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