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enterprise architecture benefits and challenges

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We found a number of challenges that impeded the process toward a common EA: unclear enterprise architecture roles, ineffective communication, low EA maturity and commitment, and complicated EA tools. But very few enterprise architects have even been to the front line or spoken to the customer. Enterprise architects have come under substantial criticism for failing to meet their promised goals. Many organisations have therefore undertaken extensive efforts to implement Enterprise Architecture (EA). Was Total Football Actually Created By Brits? The business is not interested in ‘pretty diagrams’. Enterprise architecture aims to broaden an existing business model and take on challenges and business risks resulting from disruptive forces to achieve the desired business vision and goals. As a result, the business engages less with enterprise architects, and so enterprise architects stay focussed on just the technology. So, translate these into simple and easy-to-digest visuals that the customers and business stakeholders can relate to. It can be a strategy, a method, or a process (Ross et al., 2006, Bernard, 2012). It is composed of a set of applications that automate routine operations such as Financial Management, Stock Control, Supply Chain Management, Human Resource processes – Goal Setting, … To effectively manage sponsors and stakeholder requirements — and provide timely value — IT organizations need a rigorous approach to . By harnessing and managing the compute power that is available on remote premises, such as factories, retail stores… Keeping these eleven challenges front of mind as we conceive and develop our Enterprise Architecture programs will help keep business successful and away from disappearing down the Enterprise Architecture plug hole. The advantages and disadvantages of implementing enterprise resource planning software are well documented.Nevertheless, the nature of ERP systems is changing as enterprises shift from on-premises to cloud computing and as data from nearly every aspect of life -- from home fitness to grocery shopping to automobile travel … Enterprise architects invest a lot of effort into modelling the business with esoteric diagrams (such as with ArchiMate® notation). The enterprise architecture benefits include help in supporting strategic changes such as the due diligence for mergers and acquisitions and management of the resulting integration programme, the design of a new organisation, business model and business operating model, introduction of regulatory and legal changes , … Because of this, enterprise architecture has an important role in unifying and coordinating departmental processes across an organization. Enterprise Architecture Realization . The key here is “minimal viable architecture”. Keyword(s): enterprise architecture. 2011).This … "Enterprise" does notnecessarily mean the entire enterprise. So, what are the challenges with enterprise architecture? Enterprise architecture (EA) is "a well-defined practice for conducting enterprise analysis, design, planning, and implementation, using a comprehensive approach at all times, for the successful development and execution of strategy. When selecting a framework or frameworks, think about what and how you will need to communicate – be aware … 31. What are the challenges (problems or opportunities)? In each of these scenarios, business architecture is sponsored by business leaders. Benefits Focused – How do we create a benefits case for Enterprise Architecture. Shifting from silo-based systems, curating business value, and measuring outcomes will drive your org… If gov… Harrell JM, Sage AP: Enterprise architecture … These aspects contemporary ways of working are combined with the best of enterprise architecture techniques (capability-based planning) in our free app for building strategic roadmaps: Jibility. EA can offer support for re-designs and re-organization, especially during major organizational changes, mergers or acquisitions. Edge computing is composed of technologies take advantage of computing resources that are available outside of traditional and cloud data centers such that the workload is placed closer to where data is created and such that actions can then be taken in response to an analysis of that data. It is, however, a challenging task to implement enterprise architecture … The purpose, goals and disciplines of EA are sound, but it seems the practice has not lived up to expectations. Swap The Suit For A Sports Kit: Building A…. Only when an idea is proven do we invest in scaling it. create a minimal viable architecture to test the proposed solutions with the business. August 2, 2011, Harri Daniel, Comments Off on Benefits Of Enterprise Architecture. Using infographic-style one-pagers, set in business terminology, is a great way to get your message across. Executive Summary. © Jibility Pty Ltd 2020  |  Terms and Conditions  |  Privacy Policy, Enterprise architecture does not solve real customer and business challenges, Enterprise architects are too rigid and not adapting fast enough, Enterprise architecture is not understood, Five Keys to Success with Enterprise Architecture, Solve business challenges by firstly understanding the business context, strategy and challenges, Demonstrate value early by applying Lean Startup and Agile thinking to EA, Show linkage to your business strategy with a strategic roadmap and build consensus, Don’t waste time and effort modelling the whole enterprise, Show Linkage to Your Business Strategy With This Free Tool, The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF®). 8. Adopt an approach that provides substantiated linkage between your designs and the recommended solutions with the business strategy, strategic goals and challenges. 2011. The first version of The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF®), which is widely adopted by enterprise architects all over the world, was published in 1995. Arguably, the fundamental reason why EA has failed is that businesses do not see its value for three key reasons: Enterprise architects are expected to be experts in understanding business and technology. Does the organization limp along within the confines of the existing architecture, or does the organization make a strategic decision to be better? The final focus is on EA implementation of one Finnish public administration authority: HSL - Helsinki Region Transport, to discover actual benefits and challenges of EA … It is needless to say when implementing an Enterprise Architecture program then it will lead to a need for change in the organization and it handles a lot of its activities for working with documentation, communicating and not to forget how to prioritize projects and organize them into programs. Benefits of Enterprise Architecture. Enterprise Architecture is seen as instrumental to drive the digital transformation in enterprises. In line with the previous section, we should develop minimal viable strategic roadmaps to test and gather feedback in order to determine whether the strategic roadmap is valid. It’s not that having architectural models or managing compliance with architectural standards is wrong, but there needs to be a strong emphasis for enterprise architects on solving real business challenges. Engage the business to co-develop the strategic roadmap and use this as an opportunity to build consensus with your stakeholders or customers along the way. 2. Enterprise architecture will help multiple departments in a business understand the broader business model and articulate challenges and business risks. Enterprise architecture forces a decision based on outcomes. The purported benefits of using enterprise architecture … Here are a selection, from my experience, of those that need to be mastered to ensure your Enterprise Architecture program keeps on track. Enterprise Architecture and Its Use. It helps the organization standardize business operations and incorporate systems in different layers to achieve business goals and organizational benefits.

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