Community Hospice &
Respite House

Santa Fe, New Mexico Social Model Hospice

Mission Statement

The mission of Scott’s House, a 501c3 New Mexico Non-Profit, is to provide a free social model hospice residence for end of life and respite in Santa Fe, northern New Mexico and beyond.

Hospice Care

Each hospice patient shall first be registered with a Medicare Hospice provider who shall serve as the patient's primary care provider.

Community Home

Scott's House is meant to be a free community home for those nearing end-of-life or respite.

Respite Care

Respite care is intended to relieve the burden of home care being provided by the family. Scott's House can provide respite care for up to 30 days.

About Scott's House

How did we get the name Scott's House?

Scott Carl was born in 1965 and grew up in the Santa Cruz mountains of California with his two brothers., Sam and Johnathan. At age 19, Scott made a journey to Australia. After having been in Australia for only four weeks he was accosted in a stairwell when coming upon a burglary. He was pushed down a stairwell where he was discovered about eight hours later in a coma. After being in a coma for four months , he came out of the coma, however was a quadriplegic and in a foreign country. He had no medical insurance and his mother was required to get volunteers for his care in both Australia and later England. Scott’s House is dedicated to Scott’s life. He died in 1989.

About our founder Glenys Carl

Glenys was born in Wales and grew up in Cardiff and the Pembrokeshire coast. She immigrated to to Detroit with her three little boys in 1969 where she was involved in the creation of the first Head Start. After losing her son Scott in 1989, she moved to Santa Fe, NM where she threw herself into hospice work. Drawing upon her experience of caring for Scott and training over 400 volunteers to assist with his care, in 2005 she formed Coming Home Connection, a volunteer and low-cost home care agency.  In 2018, she passed Coming Home Connection to a new board and executive director to concentrate on opening Scott’s House. 

Scott's House Board of Directors

Our commitment to compassionate end-of-life care is steered by a dedicated and experienced Board of Directors. Comprising individuals with diverse backgrounds and expertise, our Board shares a common passion for making a meaningful difference in the lives of those facing life’s final chapters. Guided by their collective wisdom, Scott’s House continues to create a haven of comfort and support for individuals and their families. Meet the compassionate minds behind our mission, shaping the future of end-of-life care.

2023 Piñon Award Winner

As featured on NBC KOB Channel 4

Hold My Hand: A Mother's Journey

In this inspirational book Glenys describes her fight to rehabilitate Scott after the doctors advised that no more could be done to help his mobility and he should be put in a home. Glenys was determined she would look after Scott herself and teach him to walk again. Scott’s courage and his mother’s determination to give him the best possible life imbue with book with a powerful message of hope. Purchase a signed paperback book today to help support Scott’s House.

Signed Books are $14.95 plus $2.75 for Shipping 

All proceeds go to benefit Scott’s House